- Landscape Rake with Optional Wheel Kits


Rake used for smoothing, raking, or contouring soil surfaces. Rotates a full 360° with 5 forward and 5 reverse settings to be pulled or pushed. Standard units work efficiently up to 25-35 HP on 540 RPM tractors (depending on rake size). Replaceable high carbon curved tines. Use with or without wheel kit. Wheels allow several points of adjustment for varying heights above grade. Category I quick-hitch hookup (Cat. I pins included). Features our durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish

Product Specs

5′ Landscape Rake
Item#: LR5
Height: 39″
Approx. Weight: 195 lbs.
Width: 60″
Length: 42″

6′ Landscape Rake
Item#: LR6
Height: 39″
Approx. Weight: 215 lbs.
Width: 72″
Length: 42″

7′ Landscape Rake
Item#: LR7
Height: 39″
Approx. Weight: 238 lbs.
Width: 84″
Length: 42″

Landscape Rake Wheel Kit
Item#: LRWK
Height: 12″
Approx. Weight: 62 lbs.
Width: 10″
Length: 25″

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