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Large High Speed Fixed Wheels



Titan has developed a new solution that enhances strength and dimensional precision of large high speed fixed wheels (up to 65 Kph).  The technology is based on a new formed disc, whose external diameter is machined for improved precision. This is press-fitted inside the rim and then welded on one side only. Thanks to its special shape,the new disc provides a larger contact area to the rim - compared to traditional butt welded discs - resulting in a stronger wheel.

After an in-depth study conducted on both simulation models and real products, Titan has adopted a new technique for connecting the disc to the rim, namely a disc which is pressed into the rim with an interference fit. Welding is still used - on one side only - but has no significance from a structural point of view. This new solution is ideal for large, high speed fixed wheels that are required to sustain very heavy loads.

Thanks to its high degree of concentricity, the disc also corrects the imperfections of the rim, leading to a higher quality wheel. The superior strength of the new solution allows the reduction of disc thickness. The end result is a new opportunity for European tractor manufacturers to offer more competitive large high speed tractors.

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