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Laser Towers


Hydraulic cylinder to raise and lower laser transmitter. Adjustable height from 9 ft. to 16 ft. Gauge height indicator to identify transmitter height. Hydraulically raise and lower wheels for transport. Self contained 12V hydraulic system. Will hold accurate beam of light in up to 35 mph wind gusts. Optional Remote allows for changing elevation heights. Remote is able to raise and lower beam from 2000 ft. away. Laser transmitter stability in wind conditions is important to jobsite productivity.  Wind can cause conventional tripods to become unstable and prevent the use of the laser transmitter.  The Liebrecht laser tower prevents wind from causing timely delays and insures accurate laser control.

Made by Liebrecht Manufacturing if in doubt make it stout. No ladder needed as one is built into one of the legs. Two and a half feet of crank-up places laser height up to 13 feet. Quick-set head eliminates screwing laser on, set and latch.

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