Lasermap Image Plus

- Model ALTM 2050 - Digital Ortho Imagery


Lasermap Image Plus utilizes a Kodak digital frame camera system, whereby a digital image camera is mounted in alignment with the laser system in the aircraft. The data are acquired from an aircraft with the complete integrated digital camera, scanning laser range-finder, and position and orientation measurement systems. Highly automated post-processing converts these data into a final digital orthoimage product in significantly less time than is required to produce comparable image maps using hardcopy or digital photogrammetric techniques.


The image data are acquired in three visible wavelengths bands, with either eight or twelve bits per sample in each band. The three image channels may be selected in order to provide a natural-color or color-infrared rendition of the scene. They may also be converted into a single, panchromatic image channel. The ground coverage per pixel of the original image data may be as small as 8 inches. The horizontal spacing of the original spot elevations (measured with the scanning laser range-finder) may be as small as 2 feet when there is no vegetation covering the surface of interest. Spot elevations can be acquired for tree-covered terrain in many instances where it is difficult using photogrammetric techniques. Spot elevations can also be acquired for the top surface of a tree canopy, and sets of spot elevations can be used to derive a dense set of tree height estimates.    

The end-product is normally delivered to the client in digital form, in the requested file format and on the requested medium. Hardcopy renditions of the product can be delivered as well. A variety of data visualization and interpretation services are available that add value to the basic product.

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