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The Lastec Model 4520 Articulator is the widest area zero turn mower on the planet. Its 10 foot (3 M) wide cutting width is made up of five fully articulating rotary decks. The outer decks of this huge capacity mower fold to road legal widths with the push of a lever. Productivity matches that of mowers costing up to 50% more and cut quality matches a crew of five with push mowers.


The 4520 Consumes Half the Fuel to Cut the Same Amount of Turf as Hydraulically Driven Rotaries
In today’s world the term “green” isn’t just a cute marketing concept. Wasting fuel to keep your turf groomed is more than bad business…it’s just wrong. The Model 4520 burns half the fuel of any other wide area articulating rotary on the planet in part because Lastec’s patented deck drives are 30%-40% more efficient than their hydraulically driven competitors. The zero turn maneuverability accounts for the additional fuel savings by reducing the amount of nonproductive mowing time wasted by conventionally steered alternatives. Additional costs and labor hours are saved by the 27” (685.8 mm) side reach of the Model 4520. It trims closer to ponds and creeks, over the edge of banks and ditches, under low limbs, and cuts other hard to reach turf areas that would otherwise require string trimming and hand mowing.

At Ten Feet Wide, Lastec’s Model 4520 Articulator Offers More Mowing Capacity than Any Other Zero Turn Mower While Delivering the Cutting Accuracy of a 25” (635 mm) Push Mower.

  • Engine Options: 45 HP (33.6 kW) Kubota turbo charged diesel
  • Cutting Width: 120” (3 M)
  • Transport Width: 88” (2.23 M)
  • Deck Configuration: Five 25” (635 mm), 5 1/2” (139.7 mm) deep  articulating
  • Deck Height Range:  1” to 4 1/2” (25.4 mm x 114.3 mm)
  • Overall Weight: 2,708 lbs (1,228.3 kg)
  • Speed: Infinitely variable up to 9 mph (14.5 km/h
  • Options: Striping Kit, Light Kit, Tires
  • Warranty: Two years parts, one year labor

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