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Lateral Move System



Scope of application crop: pasture, cotton, herbs, beet, cole, soybean, wheat and etc. Soil: sandy land, sandy loam, loam clay, clay and etc. Terrain: flat ground or sloping ground, slope should not exceed 20% Field shape: rectangular field or irregular shape

  • Diameter of the main pipe: DN125 (5”)
  • Length: length of each span is 11.6 (38’); total length will not exceed 603m (52 spans); if the land is flat, the length can reach 812m (70 span).
  • Diameter of the wheel: options for moving wheel are 1.53m, 1.83m, 2.13m, 2.44m and 3.05m; the power of the center drive motor is 5.2 KW. The main material is as follow, pipe material: rust-proof aluminum alloy; wheel material: hot-dip galvanized steel, connection (drain valve): cast aluminum alloy; diameter of the anti-torsional aluminum pipe is 4” or 5”, and the length is 12 meter.
  • The moving speed is 0.3—20m/min, and the customers can change the speed easily.
  • Draining time: less than 8 meters
  • Rotor distance:11.6m (each span have one rotor in the middle) and 18m (the moved distance each time).
  • Inlet pressure: 0.3—0.5MPa, optimum pressure: 0.4-0.45MPa

Model;  Machine Length;  Diameter;  span;  irrigation width;  Rotor, emitter diameter, quantity;  inlet pressure; flow rate;  rainfall per hour

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