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- Premium Milk Hose



As a dairyman, you know that exceptional end products depend on high quality ingredients and meticulous planning. Lauren AgriSystems’ milk hose is designed for superior cleanability and is constructed from DairyGrade™ silicone compound, a food grade silicone blend that meets 3-A sanitary manufacturing standards.

Ultra Durable
DairyGrade materials are long-lasting and maintain performance through superior chemical resistance and increased wall thickness.
Easy to clean
DairyGrade compound provides a smooth interior and exterior surface to reduce buildup of bacteria.
Remains flexible during hot and cold temperature extremes, providing a consistent feel and performance regardless of environmental condition.
The balance of material durometer and wall thickness reduces kinking.
Our milk hose is available in two shapes:
  • Thick-walled round hose available in 5/8', 3/4' and 7/8' inside diameter.
  • Premium Tri-Circle milk hose with kink-reducing ribs is ideal for tight-radiused applications.

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