- Model XTL - 2-Stage VAC Collection System


LawnShark is an extremely effective high-performance Litter and Leaf 2-STAGE VAC collection system that saves time and decreases labor. The LawnShark’s remarkable new technology utilizes cyclonic suction, combined with counter-rotating brushes under the main deck that provide a whopping 42” clearing width. These brushes lift and remove all items in their path effortlessly, sweeping them up and into a vacuum produced by the movement of a six-blade, carbon steel mulching impeller. From that point, all of the collected matter, whether organic or man-made, is chopped and stored into a six bushel, easy-dump, zipperless bag. The LawnShark has devoured such various items as wet and dry leaves, dead grass, sticks, acorns, pinecones, pine straw, paper and plastic debris, cigarette butts and even aluminum cans. The deck was configured to be adjustable so that it could be utilized on hard surfaces as well as on grassy areas.

This year, the steering mechanism was tweaked to allow for two speeds forward and two speeds reverse (a hydrostatic drive system) with fingertip, feather control. In addition, a mobile four inch seven foot hose with a control wand was added to increase the functionality and versatility of the LawnShark even further. This wand has demonstrated the suction power to consume whole glass bottles as well as piles of broken glass. The design of the LawnShark allows for the adaptability to attach it to most garden tractors and lawn mowers. One feature that cannot be touted enough is the labor savings inherent in the use of the LawnShark. It is so efficient that what used to take seven people now only requires two, and recent cleanup efforts at major universities yielded even greater results.

LawnShark XTL

  • 2 Stage-Vacuum
  • 17HP Kawasaki Engine w/Electric Start
  • 10 Gauge Decking
  • 6 Bushel Easy Dump Zipperless Bag
  • 4 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Non-Maintenance Battery

Commercial LawnShark Accessories

  • 25 ft Quick Connect Hose
  • 7ft Mobile Hose with Holster
  • Quick Connect Mulching Chute
  • Two Wheel Sulky
  • Light Accessory Kit
  • Thatching Combs
  • All Weather Cover

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