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- Model SD - Advanced Photosynthesis Measurement System



The new LCpro-SD has succeeded the LCpro+. The LCpro-SD builds on its predecessor with improved data storage, measurement range, portability, microprocessor and other benefits to create a new generation of photosynthesis systems.

Removable SD cards. Every user can have their own card. This improves data security, minimizes the risk of deletion, and allows one user to work with their data while another has the LCpro-SD. SD cards are inexpensive, small and rugged, making them ideal for field work, and come in a range of memory sizes (64GB is now common). Uploading data is easy since SD cards are compatible with most hardware.

USB port. Allows faster downloads and easy uploading of software updates and new features when they become available.

Extended CO2 measurement range. The analyzer showcases the same high resolution and accuracy of the LCpro+ while measuring 0-3000ppm CO2, compared to 0-2000ppm.

Extended automatic temperature control range. Temperature inside the standard LCpro-SD head can be automatically regulated +/- 14oC above and below ambient; the widest temperature range of any Photosynthesis System. The LCpro-SD can also be programmed to track ambient temperature.

New microprocessor improves interface response. The LCpro-SD is exceptionally user-friendly. The software walks you through every operation with well thought out menu prompts. The Getting Started Guide will have new users up and running in less than 20 minutes.

Enhanced graphing. Exciting enhancements to the graphing function and new options when setting up a visual display of their experiment.

Reduced response time and reduced effect of fluctuating background CO2. To ensure long-term measurement stability, the Infrared Gas Analyser carries out an automatic zero during the standard operational cycle. The cycle time has been reduced to significantly improve response time. Gas circuits have been redesigned to minimise the affect of fluctuating CO2 concentrations.

The widest range of chambers. The LCpro-SD can be adapted for the widest range of applications due to new chamber heads. The LCpro-SD can be fitted with a soil chamber with detachable collar for measuring soil flux, and can be fitted with the fluorometer adapter chamber for simultaneous gas exchange/chlorophyll fluorescence studies.

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