- Model SXX 345 - Toolbars


The Nova Ready SXX 345 toolbar is perfect for farmers who want the precise, gentle product handling of a 340-bu UltraPr on-frame tank, with their sights set on replacing their air cart with a SeedMaster Nova.

Nova Ready SXX 345 comes with standard TXB features plus these additional options:

  • Matrix hydraulic block on 50-foot, 3-plex toolbars and all toolbars over 60 feet
  • Lift Kit active flotation hitch that redistributes forces on your drill to lighten the front end for superior floatability
  • Flotation main frame heavy duty dual caster wheels 380/65R 16.5 for flotation in soft or muddy fields
  • Dual front wing caster wheels 12.5L 15 on toolbars over 50 feet wide
  • Rear toolbar axle and tires 750/65R26 on 40- and 50-foot units; 800/65R32 on units over 60 feet
  • Raven main frame harness including main harness for blockage monitor ports and Nova ready ports
  • Through-the-frame hydraulics for Nova fans including rear flat-face quick disconnects
  • Through-the-frame electrical for Nova lights
  • Nova ready heavy-duty rear toolbar pintle hitch and couplers
  • Rear quick disconnect ends for 2½ inch primary hoses
  • Auto adjust Packing Force Sensor ensures uniform packing from a monitor in the cab; automatically adjusts packing pressure to operator-set levels
  • Case drain lines and protection system for fans and Raven meter motors
  • Patent-pending manifold optimizes product delivery of seed and fertilizer
  • Auto Zone Command ready for up to 10 Nova zones
  • Raven Viper Pro in-cab monitor and Slingshot
  • FLIP (Full Last Implement Pass) software
  • Tanks mounted on load cells
  • Load cell software for in-cab real-time viewing of up to five tanks
  • SmartCal auto calibration software
  • Variable rate software
  • Blockage-monitor-ready harness and software ready for custom install of Agtron blockage systems

    Additionally, Nova Ready SXX 345 toolbar can be upgraded with a factory-installed 20-bushel front-mounted UltraPro tank.

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