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The microinverter is the key component to enabling a smart, distributed solar system. More Efficient. Produce up to 25% more electricity than string converters!  String converters are bound to draw only as much as the weakest panel provides. But individualized management allows each solar panel to run at optimal performance throughout changing weather conditions.

More Reliable. A distributed system has no central point of failure -- a common problem with string inverters. LeadSolar Microinverters are maximally stress-tested for durability, and its entire life of use is monitored.  We stand behind our warranty.

Smaller Investment.  Microinverters allow for more affordable first steps into solar power adoption.  They can be placed right where power is needed, even in shaded areas.  This eliminates the need for long power wires, large open areas, and supporting construction required for solar farm type setups.

Easy Install. LeadSolar Microinverter Systems take less than three hours to install before they are up and running. This becomes especially important for owners with repeat installations--those adopting solar power one panel at a time.

Self-regulating. The monitoring system included is tantamount to a micro- smart grid, making small, frequent settings adjustments to harvest optimal power throughout changing weather conditions.  Computer and mobile access make it easy to view and customize this self-regulation for the owner’s desired level of control.  Emails automatically notify the owner of upcoming maintenance and repair needs, pinpointing issues with its ongoing self-diagnosis.

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