Leaf Remover


Main functional element in our Stockmayer Leaf Remover is the perforated hollow cylinder. It is connected to a radial blower that creates an air stream suction which attracts leaves to this hollow cylinder. It is driven by a hydraulic motor. A counter rotating cylinder is rubber coated to better grip leaves. Both cylinders are set apart by a small gap and do not press against each other(less wear). The positive rotation is driven by a set of gears which also drives a cleaning brush cylinder.     

Leaves are ripped off between both counter rotating hollow and rupper cylinders. This system removes and deposits entire leaves on the ground. Grapes remain undamaged. Leaves are not transported trough the blower.

Advantages of the Stockmayer Leaf Remover

  • unharmful to grapes
  • high working speeds (4-6 km/h)
  • no wear of the cylinders due to spur wheels
  • compact and low weight (approx. 60kg)
  • Leaves are not shredded
  • can be applied during entire season – blossom to harvest

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