Leaf Trimmer


Leaf trimmer is being produced and distributed as single side , double side as well as over row, walking stick and custom made vine trimmers. For our Vine Trimmers we use exclusively premium grade materials in order to guarantee highest stability and durability. All our machines are equipped with solid frames which are reinforced with polished stainless steel sheet metal.

The Trimmers are equipped with air draft rotor knives. They cause leaves to drafted out and cut from the grape foliage. The special angle shaped knives create strong air draft without high rotation speeds. This protects bearings, belts and motors. Foliage is better ventilated and cutting edges remain clean.

With just a few handgrips, an over row unit can be transferred to a single side operating unit.

Unique Trimmer Advantages

  • hydraulic parallelogram adjustment
    • increased stability and lower center of gravity very large adjustment range – row width 1,65 m to 2,45 m optimal operator visibility
  • infinite height adjustment of lateral cutter unit
    • easy trimming in either very low or high vineyards
  • pendulum attachment of vertical trimmer units
    • deflect easily when touching an obstacle (forward or reverse)
  • hillside adjustment of vertical trimmer units
    • optimal adjustment of cutting angle
  • swivel supported cross frame with safety lock out
    • swing-away function when driving against an obstacle
  • special air suction rotor blades
    • leaves are drawn out of the vines and shredded, low revolutions result in little wear and tear on bearings, belts and motors
  • easy tightening of drive belts
    • knives are driven by torsion-free and easily adjustable V-belts, easily detachable safety cover
  • solid and maintenance free knife axle bearings
    • special pulley design allows optimal bearing size
  • robust hydraulic motors
    • extremely high lifetime
  • compact size - low weight
  • manual, hydraulic or electric adjustment of outer cutting unit
    • allows infinite cutting with an adjustment range of 550mm
  • simple changeover to single side unit
    • Transfer from overrow to a single side cutting unit with little effort
  • solid frame
    • quality steel for stability and durability

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