Leav Removal Unit


Fan Diameter 50 cm. Vertical Run 50 cm. Working Side Both. MIN Pump Capacity 20 It/min. MAX Pump Capacity 40 It/min. CE Certification Yes.


  • Single Leaf-Remover Unit, Fan Ø 500, 180° Hydraulic Rotation.
  • Double Leaf-Remover Unit, Two Fans Ø 500, With Double Hydraulic Removal.
  • Leaf-Remover Unit 1000, Two Fans Ø 500 , 180° Hydraulic Rotation.


  • Frame With Vertical Removal, 180° Rotation Joint And Horizontal Removal.
  • Cylinder Head With Fan And Rollers.


  • Electrical Control.
  • Electric Distributor Hydraulically Controlled.

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