- Model LCR 600 - Electronic Registers


The LectroCount™ LCR 600, the latest edition of Liquid Controls’ popular LectroCount™ line of electronic registers, is loaded with advanced functionalities that can produce real savings for your bottom line. New features—such as the large 5.7' QVGA display and the alphanumeric keyboard—enable valuable new functionalities like the full-featured point-of-sale (or POS, an optional upgrade), instant diagnostic messaging, and customized delivery screens.  The LCR 600 is a standalone unit; no extraneous lap top or a lap pad is required. All configurations—including calibration, system setup, and point-of-sale (POS)—can be entered using the alphanumeric keypad.

LectroCount LCR 600 Benefits

  • Simultaneously track volume, flow rate, and many other key values during delivery
  • In the field configuration and setup—the LCR 600 functions as a stand-alone unit
  • Quick setup and operation with intuitive navigation screens
  • Prevent needless service calls with the comprehensive diagnostic package
  • Compatible with most positive displacement flowmeters

LectroCount LCR 600 with/ Point-of-Sale (POS) Benefits

  • Increase the number of daily deliveries by replacing handwritten tickets with printed priced and taxed tickets
  • Reduce human error and office work created by handwritten tickets
  • Reduce postage and invoices costs by printing POS tickets at delivery sites
  • Customize discounts and pricing for all types of customers—up to 100 programmable products
  • Add multiple products, pricing, and taxes to a single calibration (ex. diesel and dyed diesel)
    Serve different municipalities, states, and regions with complex tax structuring capability
  • Add additional service and product transactions on-site with the miscellaneous charges feature

REPEATABLILITY: Capable of .03% of reading over entire range.
LINEARITY: Capable of ±0.10% or better over a 5:1 range from maximum nominal meter capacity.
LINEARITY: Capable of ±0.10% or better over a 10:1 range from maximum nominal meter capacity.
LINEARITY: Capable of ±0.15% or better over a 40:1 range from maximum nominal meter capacity.

Due to the capabilities of multi-point calibration for meters equipped with LectroCount™Electronic Registration, superior accuracy (linearity) can be provided as indicated above.

NOTE: Accuracy obtainable when all variables remain constant. Reading/ measurements must be equal to a minimum of one minute of flow at selected rate(s). All accuracy statements based on metering Stoddard Solvent, approximate viscosity 1 CPS. On higher viscosity products, the average deviation in accuracy will be even less.

Power Requirements:
LectroCount® LCR-II: +9 - 28 VDC
LectroCount® LCR 600:  +9 - 28VDC

Enclosure:  Class 1, Division 2, Group C&D design, Nema 4X
Operating Temp Range:  -40° to 158°F (-40° to 70°C)

US Weights & Measures:  LCR-II and LCR 600
Measurement Canada:  LCR-II, LCR 600

Printer:  Epson, Okidata and Blaster Models

Power:  +9 to 28VDC, 3A maximum (including solenoid valves)

Temperature input: 4-Wire Platinum RTD
Pulse Inputs:  +5 to 28 volt peak to peak, open collector, single channel or quadrature

Control Valve (2):  Open drain transistor for 2 stage valve control, 1A Max. per channel
Auxiliary (2):  Open drain transistor for general purpose auxiliary control.  Aux(1) 1A Max, Aux(2) 150mA Max
Scaled Pulse Output:  Open drain output, 1 A Max.

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