LED Lighting


The development in lighting is ongoing. The fact that LED is considerably energy saving compared to traditional exposure is well known. However, there are more advantages. LED has an adjustable color spectrum and intensity for optimal results for a specific crop.

As no infrared radiation is released, there is no heat radiation on the crop. Combined with the small size of the light source makes that less height above the crop is needed and lighting between the crop is possible as well. This ensures maximum efficiency. All these advantages lead to a significant increase in production. Based on mathematical models BE De Lier can provide a good overview on the returns on LED applications.

B-E De Lier is LED Horti Partner of Philips. BE De Lier has over 50 years experience in providing quality products and solutions for horticulture in the field of irrigation systems, water purification, climate control systems, temperature and humidity control, and electrical service. In cooperation with Philips BE De Lier provides the electrical part of the solution.

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