Leek Plant Machine



The patented leek plant machine provides an undamaged, straight leek stalk. The 2 row version only needs 40 h.p., the 4 row version needs 65 h.p.

  • Ground breakers make it possible to reach the desired depth.
  • Plough in stainless steel
  • The leek plant descends in the empty groove and is held fast by the soft discs till 15 cm behind the plough. Afterwards the earth is pressed around the plant.
  • The discs are driven by chains. In this way they cannot block.
  • A regular distance between the plants is guaranteed thanks to the drive at a constant speed.
  • Easy system for pressing the ground for different kinds of plants and earth
  • An as quick as lightning fastening to the tractor thanks to a quick pick system
  • The wheel height and the put in distance with regard to the reference plate can be regulated. In this way a depth of 20 cm is possible.
  • The persons on the planting machine sit comfortable upright.
  • Best proportion price/quality!
  • For leek and all cabages (celery … )
  • For plants or plants in sod
  • Vertical leek stalk is guaranteed
  • Distance between the rows can be changed from 50 to 80 cm
  • Distance between the plants in the row is as much as you desire
  • NEW : easier and quicker planting by tapes


  • Rack for plants behind to take with a big quantity of plants
  • Frame with tilt to protect for all weathers

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