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- Model PCI - Computerised Feeder



The design and operation of the machine gives young animals a natural method of feeding. This machine can feed up to 60 calves in 2 groups with 2 feed stations. With the Legrain PCI you can now feed replacement heifers and bull calves an appropriate individualized diet while remaining in the same group housing. The computer on the Legrain PCI is user friendly and allows easy calibration. The feeder will mix and dispense an individualized mix to each calf. The computer calculates and records the quantity of water and milk powder that the calves have consumed. The Legrain PCI automatically washes itself out several times a day. The computer on the Legrain PCI allows you to set up different feeding plans so that the calves will be fed for up to 10 weeks on a number of pre set feed patterns.

The 3 bowl Legrain PCI has a main mixing bowl where each feed is mixed and then transferred to one of two distribution bowls, one distribution bowl for each feed station. This system is unique to the Legrain PCI and only takes about 6 seconds to mix and transfer; the calf can then take its time drinking while the machine is free to supply milk to the other feed station. One of the stations is set to trigger mixing before the other, so if two calves are drinking at the same time, the machine will have mixed and transferred one feed before the second one has finished.

The Legrain PCI has the option of extra 50kg external hopper, the computer can be programmed to take powder from either hopper. This allows a massive 75kg (3 bag) storage capacity or put antibiotic powder in one hopper, and standard powder in the other. The feeder can be pre programmed to take powder from either hopper at any time once programmed.


    • Feeds up to 60 calves, each calf wears a transponder ear tag, 50 tags included.
    • The last 4 digits of the calf’s own ear tag number can be entered as the computer ID.
    • 1 x Feed station for up to 30 calves
    • 2 x Feed stations for up 60 calves
    • 25kg internal hopper (1 x Bag of Powder)
    • 50kg external hopper
    • 30 ltr water tank with 4000 watt water heater, 2 x 2000w controlled by an adjustable thermostat.
    • If the water temperature were to exceed 60°C it would cut out until it cools down.
    • Fully programmable feed programs to be set at day 1 until the end of weaning
    • Fully automatic self washing facility
    • The size, number and concentration of feeds are adjustable. The machine is fitted with high temp water protection.
    • Guard grill in hopper

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