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- Fertilizer & Seed (12 Volt)


The Lehner MINI VARIO spreader has been especially developed for use in wine, asparagus and hop cultivation. In other words, for narrow working widths between 0.8 and 6 m. It can spread practically any kind of granulating material.

  • Easily mountable on all vehicle types
  • Translucent hopper with 105 litre capacity
  • Adjustable spreading width between 0.8 - 6 m
  • Controlled via panel next to driver's seat in cab
  • Auto-start mechanism for blocked stirring shaft
  • Adjustable regulation of quantity
  • Automatic slide readjustment
  • Slide and spreading disk made from stainless steel
  • Electricity supply cable in series with battery/cab
  • Robust gear motor
  • Waterproof cable connections
  • Electricity supply via cable sith 2.5 mm diameter

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