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In many aging plants, old pumps, with their high-wear parts, cost more to repair and maintain than any other equipment in the plant. And the problem is even greater if the old pump models are no longer being manufactured. Spare parts, if available at all, have long lead times, and are often extremely expensive. The alternative - replacing the old pump - may be a big problem, too. Namely, the high costs involved. In most cases, the piping, mounting plate and driver have to be changed. Valves, strainers and other auxiliaries have to be moved. And even re-classification or re-certification may be required.

Now there is another alternative: the Leistritz re-engineered pump. It's a brand new screw pump specially designed for adaptation as a perfect-fit replacement for the old pump. The pump consists of two basic elements: the outer casing and a standard cartridge containing the rotating assembly with liner, end cover and seal.

To adapt this pump to the old pump installation, Leistritz takes dimensions from the old pump, does a few calculations, and then fabricates an outer casing with the pipe flanges and footprint positioned exactly as they were on the original pump. Only the outer casing is customized to fit the installation. The cartridge is a standard replacement unit.

With the Leistritz re-engineered pump, normally no piping or base plate changes are required. No auxiliary components need to be moved. And in most cases, the same driver can be used.

In short, your troublesome old pump will be replaced at lowest cost, and you'll realize substantial savings through reduced repair and parts costs and improved operating reliability.

The Leistritz re-engineered pump is based on the L3 Series of 3-rotor screw pumps -- a service-proven line of quiet pulsation-free pumps with high efficiencies and low maintenance requirements.

Leistritz re-engineered pumps can replace most Warren and Sier-Bath models used in hydrocarbon service , along with many IMO and Allweiler 3-rotor screw pumps. Depending on the service, other manufacturers screw pumps can also be replaced, as well as several makes of rotary gear pumps.

Leistritz re-engineered pump can handle a variety of services and applications in power utilities, process plants and aboard ships.

  • Viscosity: 1.2 - 5,000 cst
  • Capacity: 5 - 1,100 gpm
  • Disch. Pressure: Max. 2300 psig
  • Temperature: Max. 450 ºF
  • Materials:
    • Casing: Fabricated steel
    • Replaceable rotor liner: cast iron
    • Rotors: Hardened and ground steel

We take your old pump, and with a few calculations......give you a new pump with perfect fit.

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