- Model Stabilo - Tedders with Three Point Linkage



Timely tedding is important to ensure fast and even drying. Sufficient output combined with a proper turning action limits the wilting period and, hence, the field period as well as any delay in re-growth.

Good tedding gives control of the drying process for an even crop. A powerful operation is crucial and this is not merely a matter of working width. After all, Lely hook tines can process at least 1.5 times as much grass compared to tedders with straight tines. This means that a tremendous output, even with a relatively small three point linkage mounted tedder, can be achieved. Lely Lotus Stabilo three point linkage mounted tedders have been well proven over many years. Due to the wide range of sizes available farms from small to large can benefit from the Lely Lotus Stabilo’s unparalled abilities. A Lotus Stabilo guarantees optimum fodder quality, highoutput and timeliness.

Due to the unique design of the Lely hook tine tedders should be able to be used at speeds exceeding 15 km/h. All Lotus tedders are designed and constructed to make this possible. The three point linkage mounted tedders especially benefit from the reknown Stabilo steering concept which ensures optimum stability allowing high forward speeds.

Three point linkage mounted Lotus tedders are fully controlled by the Stabilo steering device. This consists of four pivot points and two connecting beams. The resulting trapezium configuration means that the unit always tracks to the centre of the tractor and also ensures no resultant swaying action.

The four pivoting points and the two connecting beams of the Stabilo steering device also ensure that the machine follows the tractor 'true to track' in bends or on headlands. Due to its intelligent design, the tedder negotiates all bends easily and without the wheels wringing, even when operating on slopes.

When the machine is lifted it is automatically locked in its present position. This prevents the tedder from seeking the central position with a jolt thereby enhancing driver comfort, extending unit life and avoiding instability on slopes.

All Lotus tedders are folded into the transport position via a doubleacting hydraulic ram.

This give a transport width of 3 m. The Lotus 675 and 770 models have extra support and locking systems ensuring safe transport. Due to the tedder position during transport and the innovative brackets even tractors with the largest rear tyres can be used.

The Lotus 300 is a three point linkage mounted two rotor design that is the only Lely tedder not to include the Stabilo steering system. Like its bigger brother the Lotus 600 this tedder can also be used for windrowing hence its combi denomination.

There are two three point linkage mounted four rotor models of which the Lotus 520 Stabilo – with six tine arms per rotor – is the narrowest with its 5.20 m working width. When folded for transport, the Lotus 520 has an overall width of 2.55 m.

The Lotus 600 Stabilo has a 6 m working width and features an extra-rugged driveline. The tedder has large rotors, each fitted with eight tine arms. Also due to its ample crop clearance and rugged construction, the Lotus 600 model is the best choice for tedding long and heavy crops.

The Lotus 675 has a 6.75 m working width and is fitted with the smallest rotors within the Lotus range. The rotors of the Lotus 770 and 770 Plus models have a larger diameter. Both models have a 7.70 m working width; the rotors of the Plus model are fitted with seven tine arms instead of six.

The Lely Lotus 900 Stabilo meets the best of both worlds; a three-point linkage tedder with a working width of 9.00 m. Similar to the trailed tedders this Stabilo model features the interconnected safety guards, in front of the drive line, which provide extra stability and durability. Larger end reductions make this drive-line suitable for the eight rotor tedder by enabling the drive shaft to rotate faster and transfer more power. The rotors of the Plus model are fitted with 6 instead of 5 tine arms. Less space between the tine arms is an advantage in light crop circumstances.

To make sure that the outer rotors can be folded in as compactly as possible, a special drive element has been developed, whereby the outer rotors are folded around a drive shaft. Due to the special angle of this shaft, the tedder is in line during operation, whereas the rotors are lined up one behind the other during folding.

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