- Model 130 P - Four Feed Rollers for Choppers



Easy running, powerful and economic for cost‑effective forage harvesting. The Lely Storm 130 P combines a high crop throughput with minimal power requirements. The 130 P model can be driven from as little as 66 kW (90 hp). The four feed rollers create optimal compaction and ensure an uninterrupted and reliable crop intake. The flywheel – with a 1,300 mm diameter, 10 adjustable blades and a shear bar that can be used on both sides – ensures optimal cutting quality as well as a long working life. Five or ten large blowing paddles with adjustable wear plates (that can be used on four sides) guarantee a powerful ejection.

High crop throughput

This exceptionally rugged chopping unit is one of the best methods for harvesting high quality fodder. The 450 mm wide intake system guarantees a huge crop throughput. Four aggressive feed rollers ensure optimum pre-compaction of the crop and transport it consistently to the flywheel. The flywheel is fitted with a maximum of 12 blades and blowing paddles; this ensures precise cutting of the crop as well as a powerful blowing performance.

Powerful crop intake system

Two lower feed rollers plus two spring-loaded pre-compaction rollers on top ensure optimal compaction and a smooth, consistent crop flow. The compaction roller guides are designed for each roller to adapt itself separately depending on crop volume.

Low maintenance direct drive

The feed rollers are driven by high-capacity PTO shafts and are individually protected from overload by slip clutches. The Profi models feature a metal detector, which immediately stops the crop intake the second it detects an obstacle.

Reversing system

Crop intake can be adjusted to forward, reverse or neutral by means of the electrohydraulically controlled reversing system. The intake auger of the pick-up is lifted hydraulically at the same time reversing takes place. This system allows any crop blockage to be cleared quickly using the handset in the tractor cab.

Easy adjustment of chopping length

By changing the gears in the gearbox, the operator can quickly adjust the chopping length within the range from 5 to 36 mm without having to use any tools.

The Lely Storm 130 P sets new standards for trailed forage harvesters. Due to their outstanding output and low maintenance these forage harvesters are the ideal machines for contractors and large farmers. Especially when harvesting grass, the Lely Storm 130 P model demonstrates its excellent performance in terms of harvesting and blowing, in all crop types and conditions.

Powerful and smooth drive

The flywheel is driven via a rugged V-belt. Variable and exchangeable pulleys make it possible to use several tractor PTO speeds and flywheel r.p.m. rates. This prevents the need to use an energy-absorbing and high maintenance rectangular gearbox.

Tremendous ejection force

Five or ten special blades ensure a perfect short cutting action. Blowing paddles (10 as maximum) with wear plates that can be used on four sides guarantee optimum performance in terms of ejection and throughput. The bolted wear strips on the bottom of the flywheel housing are exchangeable.

Optimal adjustment of coupling

The Lely Storm 130 P features a length-adjustable drawbar as well as a height‑adjustable clevis yoke to ensure optimum attachment to the lift draw bar or tractor hitch. A stable and height-adjustable axle construction – with large tyres – ensuring good flotation under difficult conditions.

Profi model

The Lely Storm Profi is fitted with a metal detector, which eliminates damage caused by metal objects. Immediately after a metal object has been identified, a double stop ratchet stops the intake rollers dead. The on-board hydraulics automatically switch the drive to the neutral position.

Laterally adjustable drawbar

Due to the laterally adjustable draw bar, the machine can be driven in the off-set position or in line with the tractor.

280° spout adjustment

An electrohydraulic auger drive allows continuous adjustment while filling the trailer.

Spout elevation

Elevation of the spout by 250 mm is recommended for high sided trailers.

Spout extension

Extended spout for side filling.

Friction plate

Can be manoeuvred into the bottom of the flywheel housing for optimum grain crushing.

Friction strips

Two extra friction strips for optimum grain crushing in lieu of the wear plates comes as standard.

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