- Model AP - For Baling Hay and Straw



The perfect technology for baling hay and straw. Our experiences, gained in over one hundred years of business and knowledge of the most modern production technologies, are used for every single one of our balers. Tried and tested technology, stable constructions and professional processing lead to machines which cannot be beaten in terms of reliability and value for money.

Secure synchronised chainless drive

In order to guarantee the accurate timing of all components over the entire lifetime of a baler, the packers and knotters are driven entirely via torsionally rigid shafts and gears. From the main hypoid gearbox, the drive is transmitted via a drive shaft and angular gear to the packer, knotter and needle drive. No chains or belts are used; even the pick-up is driven with a shaft. This increases reliability as well as minimising the amount of maintenance work required. Complex work with tensioning and lubricating chains / belts is a thing of the past.

Efficient Packer Feed

The Packer Feed consists of two (AP 830 has 3) self deflecting packers which prevent blockage caused by foreign objects or damage to the machine. The self deflecting packers, which do not require the normal shear bolt, in the case of an overload the packers can deflect and then automatically reposition themselves ready for operation. After several ram strokes, the blockage will be cleared. The benefits are clear due to the use of a patented hydro packer, a further development of the tried and tested self deflecting packers.

Automatic needle drive

A double clutch ensures that the synchronised timing process is accuratein normal operation of the baler. Should the machine be reversed, theneedles will be driven out of the bale chamber. This device is fullyautomatic and makes complicated ram stop devices unnecessary.

Compact knotter

Our experience gathered from making more than 100,000 balers hasbeen implemented in this area, too. Just to name one of many remarkablebenefits: the bearings of the knotter device are completely maintenancefree.Sealed for life bearings make lubrication devices, which are oftenused in this area and which are subject to malfunctions, unnecessary.

Overload protection

Main drive with overload protection

Two friction clutches; one in front and one behind the flywheel protect the universal joint and the tractor as well as the baler drive. On the AP 530 and the AP 630, an additional shear bolt protects the drive should an unforeseen blockage occur. On the AP 730 / 830, this function is fully automated with an auto-reset clutch.

Pick-up tine bars fitted with ball bearings

In contrast to many other manufacturers, Lely uses strong, maintenancefree ball bearings for the tine bars. This high specification constructionquickly pays off in terms of the service life.The double tines, made out of particularly high-quality spring steel alsohave special tine support plates. This feature also substantially increasesthe lifetime of the tine.

Equipment for professionals

The easy opening and large guards which make all areas accessible are advantageous during maintenance and repair work. To supplement the already high specification of the standard machines, there is a range of accessories available. An example of this is the hydraulic drawbar device, which allows the driver to move the machine easily from transport to working position.

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