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- Model RP205 - Welger


Larger intake and perfect bales: The Lely Welger RP 205 is equipped with the tried and tested bale chamber with 18 rollers and mechanical tailgate locking system. The unprecedented capacity of this bale chamber is well known. The RP 205 is equipped with a spacious packer feed rotor as standard so this capacity can be utilised even in the most dense crops. The Lely Welger RP 205 has no chopping system option. As a consequence, this series offers excellent possibilities for cattle farmers and contractors who don’t need to chop, but do want to make heavy bales.

Easy to adjust
The new draw-bar for the Lely Welger RP 205 is already used in other Lely Welger round balers. It’s very easy to set this new two-section draw-bar into the correct position. Consequently the bale chamber is always in the correct position behind the tractor.

Maximum crop pick up
A unique characteristic of the baler is a new 2.25m camless pick up. The five-tine bar pick-up is equipped with new tines that are very robustly attached. The clever placement of the tracks and the short distance to rotor ensure good crop throughput.

Intelligent drive
The Lely Welger RP 205 is equipped with a simple one-sided drive. The bale chamber does not have a chopping system, so a heavy duty drive is not needed. The standard duty one-sided drive demands little power, and saves fuel.

Eco-friendly chain lubrication
Narrow swaths and wet crops present the biggest challenge to the baler drive. With that in mind, the standard automatic chain lubrication system ensures that all drive chains are constantly lubricated, guaranteeing a long life. The amount of oil can be set for each chain. The oil is applied directly onto the chain with brushes.

Extensive possibilities
The Lely Welger RP 205 is intended for baling dry materials like hay and straw without chopping, so the baler design is simple yet efficient. It is a high quality baler for companies that only bale hay and straw.

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