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- Model RP415 - Welger


Round balers with variable chambers are used under varying circumstances and therefore the demands that are made on these machines also differ widely. The Lely Welger RP 415 range features perfect specifications for use in silage hay and straw when there is no need to chop the crop. The feed rotor and wide pick-up have been designed for easy processing of wide swaths while the proven CPS ensures optimum bale density. The best indication for the outstanding quality and sustainability of these balers can be found in the name... Lely Welger! The RP 415 model has a 2.25 m wide free running pick-up with five tine bars. Pick-up capacity is huge; the long 5.60 mm tines have large coils and are therefore ideal to retrieve the crop from high stubble. Due to their great flexibility, the tines can easily adjust to uneven ground contours, thus eliminating contamination.

Suspension of the pick-up is adjustable and perfect ground contour following is ensured in combination with the height chains and pick-up wheels.

The Welger RP 415 model features a 500 mm diameter feed rotor with large tines. Due to the diameter of the rotor shaft, the opening to the bale chamber is maximal, which ensures a tremendous flow. Power requirements remain low thanks to the low resistance in the feed channel.

Since the new free running pick-up does not have a cam track, the pick-up unit consists of fewer moving parts. This is more reliable, less sensitive to wear, quiet and maintenance-free. The result is clear to see; lower maintenance costs and a higher trade-in value!

For round balers, the start of the bale is crucial in terms of bale shape and output. The mechanical part of the CPS ensures flexibility for the belts, making the starting of a bale smooth and easy. Especially in crops such as hay and straw this ensures a huge increase of output.

As soon as the bale has a core formed, the hydraulic CPS mechanism is engaged and due to the well designed geometry of the tensioning device for the belts, a highly consistent bale density is ensured thanks to the increasing pressure exerted by the belts. Thus, correct bale formation is ensured since baling density remains constant even up to the maximum diameter. The hard outer layer eliminates any loss of quality due to weathering and rain being absorbed.

2.25 m free running pick-up.
500 mm diameter feed rotor.
Varionet net tying system.
Balercontrol E.
Automatic chain lubrication.
Pick-up wheels.

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