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Lely offers Europe\'s largest variable chamber round baler. To meet the trend for ever-increasing power and efficiency for crop harvesting we have developed a round baler of a unique quality for producing even larger bales. The available models offer a wide range of possibilities to meet the demands of all farmers and contractors. With a diameter of 2 m and a width of 1.23 m the resulting volume of nearly 4 m3 means weights of up to 600 kg with wheat straw can be produced. This is double that of some other balers. This reduces baling costs: and considerably reduces the number of bales, standing time is minimal and net consumption is reduced. And finally, field clearing time is also dramatically reduced.

In terms of cost price per bale, bale density is the most important success factor of any baler. A smaller number of bales reduces major costs such as twine/net tying material, wrapping film and transport. Correct bale density control is paramount in ensuring optimum performance of the baler from the start of the bale to its outer layers. Therefore, all Lely Welger variable chamber balers feature the Constant Pressure System. Due to the balance between mechanics and hydraulics, cost price per bale is kept to a minimum.

The bale chamber is designed so that the specific area pressure on the bale surface is constant from 1 m to the set bale diameter up to 2 m. This is achieved by increasing the belt tension in respect to the increase in bale chamber diameter. Therefore a high compression of the baled crop is achieved throughout the bale diameter.

The RP 535 and RP 545 are fitted as standard with a 2.25 m wide pick-up, which gathers the widest of swaths leaving a clean field. The crop is then transported via a heavy feed rotor into the bale chamber. The Powersplit gearbox divides the drive between the intake and the bale chamber.

The RP 535 can be fitted with the same cutting systems as the RP 445 – Mastercut13, Xtracut17 and Xtracut25. The RP 545 can be fitted with the Xtracut17 and Xtracut25. In addition these balers come with Hydroflexcontrol. This feature allows blockages to be cleared from the feed rotor without leaving the tractor seat, which gives increased work output.

The new E-link Pro is more user friendly. First of all the bright display is clear and offers a lot of space for useful information about the baler. The display also shows a status bar for left and right filling of the bale chamber leaving no excuse for a poorly shaped bale. The system is based on ISOBUS so any tractor can be easily connected allowing you to use the control panel of the tractor also.

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