- Model 3530 - Dozer Blades



LEON Factory Preassembly of all Push and Connecting dozer blade frames with complete hydraulic packages saves dealers and customers valuable hours of setup time. The highest under frame clearance in the industry on most models. Eliminate drag, avoid getting bogged down, and work in soft, uneven terrain. ‘Quick On Quick Off mounting and dismounting’ - All LEON Blades can be quickly added or removed in under 10 minutes. Others cannot make this claim.

HIGH DEFINITION Dozer Blades – LEON features 37” (LEON) vs. 33” (competitor) on 2WD/FWA Models, 47” vs. 38” (on Model 225) Series, and a 47” high blade on Model 4000 Series and Model 5000 Series. MOVE MORE WITH LEON! Add Grated Top or Solid Top Extensions for additional height.

Special Blade Contour Design - Work smarter with the LEON exclusive  ‘special blade contour design’ with unique ripple formed action to ‘roll the load ahead’ and minimize stress on the tractor frame.

Powerful Inline Hydraulic Angling - LEON incorporates a unique protected assembly design which eliminates the need for exposed cylinder shafts which may damage when working in debris and rough conditions.

Hydraulic Vertical Tilt – LEON offers this great option on ALL Dozers. LEON customers can add this option at any time without changing the assembly. To add the tilt option on competitive models, the farmer must purchase a brand new dozer assembly.   

LEON is proud to offer side extensions and angled side extensions, in 3 sizes for all blades - 1 ft., 1 ½ ft. and 2 ft.

Complete 8 way Joystick Packages are available for LEON Dozer Blade Units. Tractor operators have a new way to hydraulically operate their blades without tying up all their tractor hydraulic outlets. 

LEON will custom color your blade to match your tractor – CAT Yellow, JD Green, NH Blue, Case Red, New Holland Blue OR standard LEON Black.  

LEON Dozer Blades are truly a multipurpose item for year round use! Snow, dirt, and silage applications are just a few of the  uses for the LEON Dozer Blade.

‘Front mount 3 Point Hitch’ and ‘Payloader’ Dozer Blades are now available. LEON offers a full range of Blades in a variety of sizes complete with 6 way hydraulic features. Turn your ‘Payloader’ into a ‘bulldozer’ in just minutes.

Only LEON offers special mounting programs to help its dealer and customers. LEON technicians dedicate their time to train technicians and operators on proper mounting/dismounting techniques, plus proper Dozer Blade operation.

Tractor Horsepower 150 - 300
Blade Widths Available 10 ft., 12 ft., & 14 ft.
Digging Depth 6 to 8 inches
Blade Lift Height 30 inches
Under Frame Clearance 12+ inches
Left & Right Angling 27 degrees
Blade Height 37 inches
Weight 10 ft. - 3310 lbs, 12 ft. - 3536 lbs 16 ft.-3872 lbs

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