- Model H425 - Silver Spreader



LEON's has designed each spreader with simplisity and dependability to ensure trouble-free performance, adjustment and maintenance inspections. The intuitive design allows for easy access to sprockets and chains. Heavy steel walls hold the beaters in place ensuring vibration free performance. Only high grade bearings, gear box, etc. are employed throughout the Silver Spreader's construction. The drive is adaptable to 540 & 1000 RPM power take offs as well as being adaptable for closed and open center hydraulic systems.

Main beater
LEON Silver Spreaders come with 24' diameter replaceable paddles, balanced and designed to ensure smooth and even spreading. The high speed beaters are ruggedly constructed to handle any type and condition of manure material for many years.

LEON's Hydraulic Push-Off Technology
Strong, steady, smooth, simple, trouble free, and reliablecharacterize LEON's hydraulic push-off technology. This guarantees that the power needed to push the heaviest load will be at the operators disposal. LEON Silver Spreaders have evolved from the old world apron chain, sprockets, shafts, idler slides, conveyer slats, technology (developed in the last century). This hardware approach to unloading manure is at the the heart of heavy maintenance costs and down time due to system failure. You can still find this outdated technology on many of our competitors manure spreaders today.

LEON's Heavy Duty Push Gate
LEON's Silver Spreaders are steel reinforced to prevent twisting or bending under the heaviest loads. Floor and side guides on Leon's Silver Spreaders ensure smooth movement. The push off unloading speed on the Silver Spreader can be adjusted while the precisely fitting push gate ensures the solid poly box is clean at the end of each load. Leon's Silver Spreader employs a top gate extension as standard equipment to assist in handling large heaped loads.

LEON's Durable Solid Poly Box
The surfaces of LEON's Silver Spreaders are constructed from super slippery, corrosion proof polyurethane plastic materials. Not just a liner or surface coated plywood - but SOLID POLY MATERIAL. LEON Silver Spreader material boxes eliminate any distortion when temperatures change and particularly eliminates manure freeze up problems in the winter months. Manure spreading is faster and easier in all weather conditions with a LEON's Silver Spreader due to the employment of the corrosion proof polyurethane box liner material. The use of poly box material over conventional manure spreader box liner materials reduces corrosion, leakage, expansion and contraction due to temperature variation as well as many other conditions the operator may encounter for years to come.

LEON's Low Profile Hydraulic End Gate
LEON's hydraulically controlled and snuggly fitted end gate to helps contain loose, semi-liquid or granular manure for even more versatility and all purpose usage of the manure spreader.

LEON's Wider Flotation Walking Tandem Wheels
Every LEON Silver Spreader utilizes high and wide used commercial truck tires as standard equipment. The 16.5'x22' wide tires on heavy duty wheels provide better clearance and floatation when hauling heavy loads on soft, damp, and loose soil conditions during seasons when frost is coming out, and when prolonged wet conditions prevail. When required **Optional “drop axles” are available for even greater (6 inch) clearance.
LEON’s upper beaters assures a more uniform spreading 
LEON’s beaters also help break up large chunks of manure and prevents large pieces from being carried over the main beater. This assists in levelling the load during the spreading process for better distribution. ***Beater diameters vary from 16 inch (SS-425 / SS-585) to 26 inches (SS-755)

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