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- Grease Modular Unit



Leroux & Lotz Technologies designs, manufactures and installs modular units and equipment specifically suitable for the grease production process. The grease manufacturing business requires flexibility in different processes and the ability to use an ever widening range of components and raw materials. Units have to operate with lower costs of manpower and energy while ensuring a constant level of quality. LLT grease modular units represent an excellent solution to these requirements.

  • All type of simple and complex greases, such as: Calcium, lithium, lithium complex, lithium-calcium, calcium sulphonate, aluminiun, bentonite.

  • Easy to use with complex formulations
  • Excellent repeatability and quality control
  • Easy to install
  • Flexibility in further extension

Conception, construction and installation of modular units with state-of-the art equipment and pioneering technologies

  • Fully integrated turnkey project
  • Optimized piping
  • Fitted with high pressure autoclave reactor standards or made as per customers’ specific requirements
  • Quick return on investment

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