- Model E - Functional Nutritional Feed


Levabon Aquagrow E is a functional, nutritional feed additive for application in aquaculture feeds. Levabon Aquagrow E is prepared by an internal process, using a standardized autolytic degradation of the yeast cell from Saccharomyces cerevisiae (brewer’s yeast) and spray drying. This yeast product is rich in bioactive ingredients and nutrients such as essential amino acids, peptides, cell wall carbohydrates, nucleotides and B vitamins.

What are the main characteristics?

  • Contributes to immunity development
  • Improves animals‘ stress resistance
  • Maintains intestinal integrity
  • Yeast cell-wall fragments for immunomodulation
  • Nucleotides for rapid cell turnover
  • Economical and sustainable product
  • Natural protein source

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