Level Drag Conveyors



Paddles: Are ½” thick UHMW, CNC produced for accuracy. UHMW prevents metal-to-metal contact, reducing HP requirements and increases conveyor. Chains: Is all steel with 24,000 & 44,000 lb average ultimate strength. Welded channel attachments adds rigid support for paddles, some cases dual chain.

Boot Features:

  • 10 & 8 Gauge Galvanized, Bolted Construction
  • Heavy duty pillow block bearings supported shaft
  • Heavy duty sprocket
  • Acme screw style slack adjusters
  • Removable inspection cover
  • Optional auto grease available for bearings

Trunk Section Features:

  • 10 Gauge galvanized bottom
  • 14 Gauge galvanized top
  • 10 Gauge galvanized sides
  • Bolted construction (pre assembled)

Head Features:

  • 10 & 8 Gauge galvanized, bolted construction
  • Heavy duty pillow block bearing supported shaft
  • Heavy duty sprocket
  • Removable inspection cover
  • Optional auto-grease available for bearings

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