Lewis Equipment Ltd

- Model 18QH - Slightly Larger Loader



Slightly larger than the 15QH Series, the 18QH loader has two bucket rams giving it increased capacity and reach. There is also a quick hitch bucket mechanism to enable fast change over of buckets.

  • Part Number: 18QH loader
  • A - Overall height fully raised: 2555mm
  • B - Height of hinge pin: 2025mm
  • C - Dump Height: 1500mm
  • D - Reach at max height: 600mm
  • E - Dig depth: 125mm
  • F - Dump Angle: 55deg
  • G - Roll back at ground level: 24deg
  • Width at widest point less bucket: 990mm
  • Lifting capacity at bucket pivot: 450kgs
  • Lift capacity at max height: 300kgs
  • Weight (less bucket and brackets): 140kgs
  • Average weight of chassis brackets: 54kgs

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