- Model 700/600 Series - Combines


The exclusive Accelerated Pre-Separation (APS) threshing system and the ROTO PLUS separation system unite to form the industry's most productive threshing and separation system. Factory-installed, TERRA-TRAC undercarriage option delivers unbeatable traction, lower compaction, 25-mph road speed (750/740TT) and increased header stability. CLAAS POWER SYSTEMS that deliver the best fuel efficiency -- class for class -- in the industry. The greatest throughput and grain retention in the industry. Advanced E.A.S.Y. precision farming technology and integration.

With even more space than the previous model, the new LEXION gives the operator freedom of movement, an overview of controls and excellent visibility on all sides. The air conditioning provides a consistent, comfortable atmosphere. Add in superior soundproofing and a three-position adjustable steering column and the new LEXION delivers a first-claas driving experience.

Cushions, supports, ventilates and keeps you warm: the deluxe operator’s seat.

  • Active comfort control ensures optimal ventilation and sweat removal without subjecting the operator to unhealthy drafts.
  • Air cushioning with automatic height control adjusts automatically to the operator’s weight and effectively absorbs vibrations up to 40%.
  • A pneumatic, two-part lumbar support keeps your back in shape.
  • The automatic thermostat for the heated seat keeps you warm and comfortable.

Passenger seat.

  • Integrated arm support left on the door
  • Foldable backrest as a “breakfast table”
  • Larger 45 qt (43 l) cooler with integrated cup holder
  • Ample storage space

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