- Model LI-8100A - Automated Soil CO2 Flux System


The LI-8100A System’s modular design allows you to build a custom system that fits your particular research needs. All systems start with the LI-8100A, which is the weather tight enclosure that houses system components for gas analysis, chamber control, data storage, and data communications. Next, choose from a variety of soil chambers to attach to the LI-8100A, including survey and longterm chambers. Long-term measurements can be multiplexed to measure up to 16 chambers to address both spatial and temporal variability.


Single Chamber Survey System

  • 10 or 20 cm chamber options (8100-102 and 8100-103, respectively)
  • Quickly conduct measurements over a number of locations
  • Assess spatial variability in soil CO2 flux


Single Chamber Long-Term System

  • Fully automated long-term measurements (8100-104 and 8100-104C)
  • Allows assessment of CO2 flux patterns for weeks or months at a time
  • Careful design minimizes perturbations to the soil environment around the chamber


Multiplexed Long-Term System

  • Includes LI-8150 Multiplexer to multiplex up to 16 long-term chambers (30m diameter coverage)
  • Can combine both clear and opaque chambers in one multiplexed system
  • Allows assessment of both spatial and temporal variability


Integrated, simple to use, and modular by design, the LI-8100A Automated Soil CO2 Flux System allows researchers to design a setup from a variety of components, customized for their application and research needs. The new LI-8100A builds upon the proven LI-8100 with features that include:

  • Extended CO2 measurement range of up to 20,000 ppm, allowing you to make soil CO2 flux measurements in high CO2 environments.
  • Ethernet connectivity with standard TCP/IP networking protocols faciliates two-way communication with networked computers at any remote location. Setup, data collection, and diagnostics can be performed remotely by simply logging on to any LI-8100A connected to your local network.
  • The new LI-8100APP for iOS allows for remote control of the LI-8100A for long-term or survey measurements.
  • You can perform any action from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that is available from the LI-8100A Windows Application Software.
  • Novel pressure vent minimizes pressure pulses at chamber closing, and allows chamber pressure to track the ambient pressure under calm and windy conditions, minimizing pressure pulses at chamber closing.
  • CO2 flux rate is calculated at the CO2 concentration of the surrounding ambient air. This minimizes effects resulting from the necessary increase in chamber CO2 concentration during a measurement.
  • Data Analysis software allows convenient ways to view selected summaries of data files and observations logged by the LI-8100A. Plotting, editing, recomputing, and viewing of flux measurements calculated with a variety of regression fits is also available.

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