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- Soil Amendment Product


Four Star Services, Inc. offers a soil amendment product to meet the needs of the homeowner (a.k.a. Do-It-Yourselfer). Li'L Perk Soil Treatment quickly softens hard, compacted soil, makes digging and tilling easier, and improves water infiltration and drainage. Incorporate Li'L Perk with lawn and garden herbicides or pesticides to elminate the need for another spray application. Li'L Perk even enhances herbicide application with its extreme penetrating properties. The convenient package sizing, of the very concentrated formula, will amend up to one acre of your soil with the 8 oz. bottle or up to four acres with the liter bottle. Give your lawn a Li'L Perk and realize the benefits.

  • Improves water penetration and grass root growth
  • Softens had garden soils for easier digging and tillage
  • Encourages more extensive root growth of trees, shrubs, and ornamentals
  • Improves soil tilth and aeration for enhanced garden productivity
  • Makes soil more friable and weeding easier
  • Low rate, easy to apply with other chemicals, and works quickly
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable

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