- Model GM 1 4x4 - Hydraulic Cylinders



Small and strongly. The same tri level trencher with low dead weight for small soil contamination. With the Tilt mechanism can be adjust lateral downward gradient to 15°. The control platform is rotatable. The excavation can be ejected left or right, or be shipped directly with a reciprocally insertable conveyor. With an additional filling judges milling and filling with gravel are possible in only one processing step. For direct cable and tubing introduction the GM1 all wheel can be equipped with further accessories. Beyond that the GM 1 can be equipped also with dual tire. Individual equipment on request.

  • Cutting chain drive: mechanical, putting into gear hydraulically
  • Travel drive: 4x Radial piston engine infinitely adjustable
  • Steering: hydraulically with steering wheel
  • Electrical-System: Charging alternator 14V/33A, Electrical starter 1,5KW/12V
  • Hydraulic-System: Tandemregulationpump debit 14cm³, cutter boom about hydraulic-cylinder piston-wheel-pump 19 and 4 cm³
  • Tyres equipment: 26x12.00-12 Terra
  • Cutter chain width: 300mm
  • Cutter boom depth: 600mm
  • Chain type: Standard
  • Pitch of chain: 44.45mm pitch
  • Tyres:: Standard
  • Lasersystem: None
  • Engine: Lomardini Diesel 3 cylinder LDW1503 watercooled 23 KW 31,5 HP
  • Conveyor for charging: Standardconveyor hydraulically, verticalregulable hydraulically 10° fourwheeldrive (infinitely)
  • Accessories:
  • Tyres:: Tyres farmer
  • Lasersystem: Automatic
  • Lasersystem: Manual
  • Other: Filling judge
  • Other: Hasp for drained pipes
  • Other: Drain-equipment 70mm
  • Other: Pipe-Laying-Systems
  • Other: Socket for pipes
  • Other: Dual tyres
  • Other: Edge cleaner a. support

  • Cutter chain width :70mm; 120mm; 150mm; 200mm; 250mm;
  • Cutter boom depth :850mm; 1100mm; 1200mm;
  • Chain type : Alligator chain carbite bits; Mixed chain (Bits and tools); Cutter chain;
  • Pitch of chain 75mm pitch;
  • Tyres: Lawn; Golf; Communal; Tyres farmer; Tyres for sward lawn;
  • Conveyor for charging  :3.000mm hydraulically;
  • Lasersystem :Automatic; Manual;

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