- Model XL - Wheel Lift System


Liberator XL is the big brother of Liberator, which also manages the widest wheels on the market. This is the wheel lift for those who want a vehicle for all the machinery both now and in the future. Liberator XL is as Liberator also Swedish made, with a focus on highest possible quality.

Technical description:
Liberator XL works just like Liberator with the difference that the frame can be adjusted by depth. In this way the wheel lift is easily adjustable to handle both wide and narrow tires.

Technical Data

  • Maximum load: 1200kg
  • Maximum wheel diameter: 2200mm
  • Minimum wheel diameter: 1100mm
  • Maximum tyre width: 1200mm
  • Weight: 123kg
  • Width contracted: 1260mm
  • Depth retracted: 1060mm
  • Wheels: 150x40mm

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