- Model KZSV - Grain Drying and Cleaning Plant



The grain drying and cleaning plant «LIDARAJ» is intended for acceptance lots of grains, leguminous, corn, rape and cereals from transport, its subsequent preliminary clearing, drying, time storage and unloading in vehicles or storehouse.

1. Intake unit consists of the reception metal bunker with the built transport device and possibility of feed control. The bunker is equipped with a canopy providing protection against an atmospheric precipitation. All equipment is block-modular and is delivered in the disassembled kind with transport.

2. Cleaning unit is equipped with a system of clearing of spent air and executed in the form of separate steel construction, providing installation of preliminary and primary clearing machines of grain. Clearing machines of grain provide high efficiency and quality of clearing in the conditions of the raised moistness and a contamination of grain lots.

3. Drying unit is made of zinc-galvanised steel, provides release of grain with productivity regulation, there is an automatic regulation of level of filling with grain, the control of temperature of the heat-carrier and grain, and also having heated up drying and cooling. The exhaust gear of the plant provides continuous release of grain, and also the device co-ordinated with bucket elevators of damp grain, for switching of feeding of undried grain back into the dryer.

4. Grain permanent storage unit is made of zinc-galvanised steel with the system of active ventilation.

5. Grain issuing system delivering it to trucks is made of zinc-galvanised steel.

6. Internal grain transport system is made of zinc-galvanised steel and equipped with automatically operating device preventing reverse motion of a strand at its sudden stop, and also a speed checking device.

7. Automatic control and visualization system is carried out in manual or automatic mode, with the operation parameters rendered an a computer display.

All elements of the plant have ladders, doors, platforms of service providing safe access for cleaning, maintenance operation and repair in conformity.
Warranty period is 2 years.
Installation ,starting-up and adjustment works of the delivered equipment are carried out 'key ready ' by forces of 'Supplier'.

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