- Model CSA 50 - Grain Separator



Grain separator CSA50 is intended for preliminary and intensive clearing of all grades of grain, rape, corn, grain legumes seeds from easy pollution (easier from clearing grain) such as: a seed film, a dust, from small heavy pollution, for example: sand, small seeds of weeds, small and crushed grains, and also from large pollution (larger, than clearing grain) such as: straw, ears, stones.

The big area of grill frameworks and channel systems of grain separation are the reason of hight efficiency achieving at preliminary and intensive clearing.

  • It is possible to use the grain separator for grain clearing:
  • In private enterprises and agricultural productions;
  • In fodder and other enterprises processing seeds;
  • In other food enterprises;
  • at stage of plant selection and in the seed enterprises.
  • The grain separator can work with all types drying complexes.

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