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Model 2017 - Moringa Green Dried leaf Powder

Pure Natural Fresh Moringa Green Dried leaf Powder with Essential Nutrients We are one of the largest growers of moringa and grow it in its homeland in a very natural and scientific way It is a matter of great important that how your moringa leaves are harvested and processed so it’s natural contains remains intact. This type of processing ensures that the incredibly high vital substances of plant remain. We use most delicate methods to gently preserve the unique signatures of the plant. Farm Fresh Moringa leaves are harvested and healthiest leaves are selected: carefully washed to remove dust & pest with a scientific method and drained, specially dried under controlled atmospheric conditions and then certified and packed. Heat is not applied in any stage of the processing and thus the nutrient values of the leaf are retained.The dried Moringa leaves are gently grinding and finely milling them into a fine powder.Thus we present finest and fresh natural Moringa dries leaves powder

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