Aruas Poultry Equipment

Lift Egg Collection System



This system works optimally for plants with many rows. It ensures enough flow to fill the cross egg conveyor.

  • Collection is carried out individually at each tier..
  • A telescopic unit fitted to the egg conveyor allows foR adaptation to each tier.
  • Access to aisles is facilitated by leaving the egg conveyor on the upper part.
  • It has a collecting belt speed regulator set at intervals from 2.5 to 7 meters per minute (8,20' to22,96').
  • It has an electronic revolution counter to let the packing center know when the collection has finished at each tier.
  • In facilities with 8 tiers or more two egg conveyors can be installed in the lift in order to adapt to the flow of the grader or the packer.
  • The system is simple, practical, takes little space and the transfers are very simple.
  • A 1 hp motor powers the lift for the egg conveyor.

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