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Lift System for Egg Collection



Only one egg transfer, little space required in the end set area. The lift system collects the eggs per tier and simultaneously from all rows. The main feature of the lift system is that the cross conveyor moves to the individual tiers to collect the eggs. Once it has collected the eggs from all tiers, the lift moves into its parking position. The lift system is a good and economic solution especially for small units or individual houses, and when the eggs are not collected per flock. The eggs are trans­ported very gently as only one trans­fer is involved between the longitudi­nal belt and the cross belt. To allow the operator to match the conveying capacity with the performance of the egg grader, a frequency regulator should be installed. This ensures that the longitudinal belt speed of 4 m/min can be controlled between 25 and 60 Hz.

  • smooth egg transport as there is only one transfer from the longitudinal belt to the cross belt;
  • easy access to all rows because the lift system moves into a parking position after egg collection is completed, i.e. the cross collection is no obstruction;
  • little space required in the end set area;
  • the lift system can be combined with any cross collection of any width.

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