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Lifting Appliances



Our steel rack jacks apparatus have a lifting capacity of 1 to 10 tonnes. They can be used in different environments: quarries, railways, forestry and all other logistical and industrial applications.

Rack jacks for all normal handling operations, special lifts for all your special applications

From design office to construction, our lifts are designed to cope with the most stringent lifting constraints. The construction of our products is entirely of high quality steel, assuring you of a solidly built and durable rack lift.

Our rack operated lifting gantries:

  • Lift with rising shaft
  • Chock jacks
  • Cable bobbin jacks
  • Cylinder jacks
  • Masonry jacks
  • MultiUse jacks
  • Tension jacks

Our special equipment:

  • Rising rail rack jacks
  • Filling jacks
  • Container jacks
  • Ramp jacks
  • Reduction gear

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