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Lightweight Multipurpose Harvester / Forwarder


Light log C is not only an easy combination machine that reduces land erosion and can go where other machines can stay. It is also built to suit rider preference for a comfortable and safe working environment. The cab, Light log combi meets all requirements in terms of comfort & safety. It is well insulated against noise and external climate. Air conditioning is standard and all boxes consist of Margard 12 mm for maximum security. The cab suspension is based on Lighloggs own fjädringsram and it is supported on a bumper system by Ohlin. For optimum safety and maximum luminous efficacy when driving at night can Xenon alt. LED lighting is available on cab roof & sides.


Length harvesting: 6 m
Length Forwarders: 11.5 to 13.5 m
Width: 2.2 / 2.5 m
Transport height: 3.3 m
Ground clearance: 68 cm
Weight harvesting: 9.5 tonnes
Weight Forwarders: 14 tons
Band Width: 78cm
Surface pressure harvesting means: 0,15 kg / cm 2
Surface pressure Forwarders means unladen: 0.14 kg / cm 2
Surface pressure medium loaded Forwarders: 0.27 kg / cm 2

Load capacity

Faucet: Kone FC80 Combi 9.3 meters
Crane Valve: Parks L90
Payload load carrier 1: 6 tons
Load area load carrier 1: 2.2 m 2
Load length load carrier 1: 4.6 to 4.9 m
Payload load carriers 2: 7 t
Load area load carriers 2: 2.2 m 2
Load length cargo carrier 2: 5.5 m


Harvester heads: LogMax 4000 Light alt. Kesla 20RH
Measuring system: Dasa 4, Exidor palettes
Grippers: HSP 20
Rotator: GV 4

Other technical specifications

Engine: Cummins QSB 4.5
Effect: 97 kW (130 hp)
Torque: 622 Nm at 1500V
Hydraulic Pump: Linde HPR135
Fill Pump Hydraulic Oil: Hydac
Extinguishing system: Fogmaker
Transmission: Poclain MSE08 1248 cc, 6 pcs
Timing Valve: Parks L90
Control System: IQAN
Speeds: 1st gear 0-4 km / h, 2nd gear 0-8 km / h
Volume diesel: 160 liters + 60 liters of extra tank
Volume hydraulic: 220 liters
Vacuum pump: Gast


SMS START / STOP heaters
Side window wipers
Sun blinds
Heater: Webasto Thermo 50
Stump Treatment: Rotstopp
Bio-oil: HYDRAWAY Bio SE3268
Reversing camera (facing in the direction of travel)
Xenon lighting
LED lighting: 32W
Air-ventilated seat
Caliper incl. stronghold in cab
Winch with Radio Control traction 5,5ton
Dasa forwarder
Dasa map software inc GPS
Dasa Operation and Repuppföljning
Broadband Modem
Mounted phone
Grapple HSP 20/25
Central lubrication complete
Hydraulic oil
Gripskoparm HSP

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