Limestone is a widespread natural product with variety of applications. For us, it means much more than just another mineral in our product portfolio. Large volumes of the limestone which we produce is used for sulphur-cleaning of the waste gases in the thermal power stations in South Bulgaria. Thus, we contribute for preserving of the environment in this region of Bulgaria. We offer micronized limestone as filler in the production of polyethylene, rubber and paints. Construction is one of the most fast-growing sectors in Bulgaria. For the needs of this industry, we have developed new products, such as limestone for road surfaces and filler for asphalt. For the needs of the fodder industry we have developed a new product – fodder raw material (calcium carbonate), which finds application in the production of nourishing combined fodder for all kinds of animals and birds.

Our micronised limestone finds application as filler in production of poly ethylene, rubber and paint.

The construction is one of the quickly growing industries in Bulgaria. For the needs of this sector we have developed new products such as limestone for road coverings, limestone as filler for asphalt, etc.

For the fodder industry needs, we have developed a brand new product: fodder raw material - calcium carbonate. It is successfully used in the production process of full-value combined fodders for all kind of animals and birds.

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