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- Model MTS-20 and MTS-25 - Horizontal Self Propelled Single Auger



The self-propelled horizontal mixer adds to the advantages of the trailed horizontal mixer  as it is completely autonomous, doing away with the need for a tractor for moving or loading.

Operating basically on a central axis on which two hollow spirals are mounted which move from the ends to the centre of the axis. This mixing system ensures product movement both lengthwise and crosswise, while avoiding excessive compression of the ingredients, obtaining a  fluffy and homogenous mix.

The two beaters mounted on the  interior wall of the tub that perform a circular motion, ensure better product flow.

Constructively, the machine has a frame that covers the blade area and the hydraulic system, which is constructed of metal tubes.

This system ensures greater homogeneity of the mixture,  more regular chopping and reduced mixing time. The machine has a frontal cutting mechanism incorporated.

This cutter, by means of the transporter belt enables the products the mix is made up of (fibre, forage, corn silage) to be loaded inside the tub.

The conveyor consists of crossbars and polyethylene belt; which remains stable in the face of changes in temperature or adverse atmospheric conditions, ensures an adequate and effective load at all times, thus extending the life of the machine.

The position of the  motor on the rear gives the machine better weight distribution and allows greater access to it, facilitating maintenance.

This configuration is ideal for intensive use, as it increases the soundproofing of the cabin and ensures a more comfortable ride.

  • Fixed magnet on discharge conveyor.
  • Mixing system using a horizontal auger.
  • 238 CV Engine situated on the rear part.
  • Hydraulic circuit on side cabinet with two tone metal piping.
  • Step down gear in rear part.
  • Rear traction with high cylinder radial-piston wheel motors.
  • Negative   parking and emergency brake on rear transmission axle.
  • Negative Multidisc brake on rear shaft.
  • Speed 0-15 km/h.
  • Hot water heating.
  • Front directional axis permits  40º turning.
  • Spring leaf suspension on front axis.
  • Discharge through side belt of  930 mm with hydraulic lift.
  • Heavy duty variable flow pumps for transmission and mixing.
  • Independent gear pump for steering.
  • High pressure piston mixer motor.
  • Sides and bottom in anti-wear material.
  • Auger in anti-wear material.
  • 1,900 mm long cutter with 75 CV motor.
  • Reinforced loading chain  with Polyethylene crossbars.
  • Folding cab door.
  • Seat with pneumatic suspension.
  •  Programmable Scale (20 recipes x 20 ingredients x 10 discharges).
  •  Front wheels ref.  305/70 R 19.5
  • Rear wheel traction R 22.5 ref.445/65.
  • Electrically driven cutter adjustment from the cab.
  • Pressure switch to regulate the working pressure of the cutter.
  • Mixer work pressure gauge.
  • Oil temperature indicator of mixer gear.
  • Hydraulic oil temperature indicator.
  • Hydraulic oil  low level warning.
  • Breakdown lights.
  • Extinguisher in thermoplastic box.
  • Tool box with brake unblocking tool.
  • Mud flaps.
  • Ready for registration and air conditioning.
  • Rear right and left working light.

  • Fixed magnet on discharge belt
  • Air con. and heating
  • Electric adjustable mirrors
  • Working lights
  • Double Speed 0-25 km / h
  • Accessories and documentation for vehicle registration
  • Sweeper
  • Hydrogen accumulation  suspension
  • Molasses  tank
  • Increased length cutter
  • Video Camera
  • Brake Pedal on 2-axis
  • Reversible Fan * Central lubrication
  • No conveyor
  • Differential lock
  • Increase engine power
  • Stainless steel cutter parabolic leaf spring suspension
  • Front pneumatic suspension
  • Speed 0-40 km / h
  • Stainless steel bottom
  • Hardox tub bottom

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