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Line Layer


The Line Layer is available in 3 models to meet the specific needs of the grower.

  • 3 Reel Line Layer - lays 3 drip lines simultane 
    simultaneously over 6 rows

  •  2 Reel Line Layer - lays 2 drip lines simultane 
    simultaneously over 4 rows

  • Single Line Layer - spreads line in small fields and orchards
All models are equipped with hydraulic braking systems controlled by sophisticated disc brakes. Reels are attached to the Line Layer by special connection.

Reels are available in diameter of 79'' and 86''
(2 m and 2.20 m) and can handle from 5,500-8,750yds (5,00-8,000 m) of drip irrigation line, depending on the diameter of the drip line.

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