The milking unit lives up to SAC's motto: 'If there is anything we can do for the good of the cow, the milk or the operator, we'll do it.'

Uniflex liner:

  • New shape - great adjustment capacity
  • Great flexibility in the short milk tube - highly flexible construction
  • New rubber material - low content of plasticizers considers the most recent demands
  • Highly flexible mouthpiece lip - decrease in harmful air-intakes

Steel or plastics?

  • Uniflex liner can be used in both steel and light shells
  • This makes it easy to select the weight which is ideal for the herd in question

The claw:

  • The claw is designed so it can be operated with right as well as left hand
  • The design of the claw ensures steady vacuum - with no possibility of 'teat wash'
  • The claw is made in a special edition - milking between hind legs in 60° and SBS plants
  • The claw is made in a special edition - milking in external milking parlours

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