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- Portable Fish Transport Tank



The small transport tank for live fish is ideally suited to fish transport on a small scale. The size of the tank is such that it can be carried even when filled with fish. This makes the fish tank almost universally useable – it can be carried in the boot of a private car! The small transport tank is made from polyethylene (PE) and is there fore light, rugged and unbreak able. It is provided with two practical handles. The lid is fas - tened to the tank by turning (bayonet connection).

The gasket fastened around the lid opening ensures that the tank is abso lutely tight and that no water can leak out. The lid has a hole though which a hose for ventilating the transport tank (air or oxygen) can be inserted. A plug for closing the opening is supplied with the tank.

On request, the fish transport tank may be supplied complete with a diaphragm air pump (12 V for connection to the cigarette lighter socket in the car) and an appropriate air diffuser.

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