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The Profi Feeder works by the pendulum principle. Feed pellets are released and fall into the water after the pendulum is moved. The fish quickly learn that by knocking against the pendulum they can free the pellets. The LINN Profi Feeder now has a new pendulum mechanism. The quantity of feed dispensed can be adjusted easily and infinitely by twisting the outlet pipe. The amount of food required will depend on the activity of the fish. The new pendulum system is suitable for pellets of 2 – 9mm. The pendulum bar is made from glassfibre – it is flexible and will not break!.


The fish have access to a continuous food supply and eat when they are hungry, resulting in excellent growth.
The Profi feeder can save considerable time and effort. Your stock can also be taken good care of in this way for several days during your absence- giving peace of mind. The feed level can be viewed through the container. Its smooth sides prevent the build up of condensation and feed leading to mould formation. This keeps the feed flowing free without sticking together. Our feed container has been made from polyethylene, features excellent-weather-resistance properties and is UV resistant.

The Profi feeder is available in 4 sizes: 10, 20, 40 and 60 kg capacity. It can be fastened in a number of ways either to a landing stage or on a swivel arm. For both of the small containers (10 and 20 kg) we can supply a practical retaining basket.

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